Fluid Analysis

For your motorized RV, Fluid Analysis is basically like a blood test for the engine and generator

The “blood” of those units consists of

  • Oils and
  • Coolants

Oils, including engine oil, transmission fluid and generator oil,  are specialized liquids that perform lubrication functions that allow moving metal components in those machines to work smoothly together with a minimum of friction and wear. 

Coolants, including engine coolant and generator coolant (if water cooled) are specialized liquids that keep those engines operating within their specified temperature ranges.

These special liquids are virtually the lifeblood of these engines, and without Fluid Analysis, there is no sure way to tell the status of the engine or generator without a chemical analysis of the oils and coolants.  That’s where Fluid Analysis steps in and really shines.

By including Fluid Analysis in your motorized RV Inspection, you will see the exact state of that fluid and a numerical evaluation of that engine or generator from 0 to 4 (located at the top right of the report).

  • Numbers 0 and 1 indicate “Normal”
  • Numbers 2 and 3 indicate “Abnormal”
  • Number 4 indicates “Critical”

* See example Oil Analysis Report
* See example Coolant Analysis Report

Fluid Analysis slides and graphics shown courtesy of JG Lubricant Services


Your Benefits from Fluid Analysis

(For Engines and Generators)

  1. Shows a numerical evaluation of the current status of the engine or generator
  2. Saves you $$$$ by detecting problems that could result in a breakdown and an expensive tow cost
  3. Makes maintenance more effective
  4. Be able to safely extend oil change intervals
  5. Results in increased reliability
  6. Helps protect your RV power systems
  7. Gives you peace of mind because you now know the true condition of the engine, power train, and generator



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