Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) covering RV Inspections and why you should consider having a professional inspection completed by Royal RV Inspection before you purchase your RV.

Why choose a NRVIA Certified RV Inspector?

The National RV Inspectors Association is the only organization in the country that is able to train and certify RV Inspectors currently.The NRVIA also has a Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics that certified inspectors agree to abide by so “that the consumer will receive an inspection of the highest quality and caliber.”NRVIA RV Inspectors are also required to earn a minimum of 16 hours of Continuing Education every two years in order to retain their certification with the NRVIA.When you use an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector, you can rest assured that you are getting a trained and qualified RV Inspector that you can trust to do your RV Inspection.

Will you tell me if I should buy the RV or not?

It is our practice to present our findings in the Inspection Report and let the client make the decision about whether to buy or not after viewing the facts.If we were to express our opinion either way, you can understand how it could come back on us if things went badly for the client.We want all our clients to have good experiences with RVs but only the client can make that final decision.Hopefully, after viewing our fact-filled report about the prospective RV, the client’s decision can be much easier to make.

I have found a great RV, but I live a long distance away from it. How can Royal RV Inspection help me with it?

Royal RV Inspection can help you in two big ways: (1) If the RV is in our area, we can perform the inspection for you and get you the detailed report with our findings so you can decide whether to proceed or walk away.
(2) If the RV is not in our area, we will try to help you find another NRVIA Certified RV Inspector where your prospective RV is located who can do the inspection for you.

I have found a great RV that I am interested in, but when does Royal RV Inspection get involved?

Royal RV Inspection can usually help our clients at any stage of the buying, selling, or insuring process, but the ideal time is before the dotted line is signed by the client.That way, the inspection report can be used to line up bargaining points with the seller from the issues found to lower the price or the seller can get the issues fixed before he puts the unit up for sale and thus get a better price for the RV.It’s also fine to call us before you start your search so we can get acquainted with you and what you’re looking for so our preparation time will be shorter in getting things rolling when you reach the point of scheduling the inspection.

How much does an RV Inspection cost?

The price of an RV inspection depends on the type of RV, the number of fluid samples being taken (if motorized), and the location of the RV. Refer to our Pricing page for more information.

How long will the RV Inspection take?

It will take 7-8 hours to perform the inspection, depending on the type and size of the unit and how many issues are found by the inspector – the more issues found, the more time.

I’ve owned Motorhomes and Travel Trailers before. Why would I pay for an RV Inspection?

If an experienced owner decides to do their own inspection, unless they received training as an RV Inspector, there is always a possibility that in their excitement about a buying a new RV, they might miss or overlook an important or even critical item that affects the status of the RV.Since they are investing usually thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in an RV, is that a risk that they can afford to take?Good question!On the other hand, an NRVIA certified RV Inspector is a professional who has inspected many RVs.He is trained, methodical, and unbiased and will produce a detailed report with pictures showing the true status of the RV.If you are someone who would take a prospective car purchase to your mechanic to look over, then why not do the same for your RV purchase?Let a professional NRVIA certified RV Inspector “look over” your prospective RV with an RV Inspection. Compared to the cost of RVs, it’s a small investment that’s worth its weight in gold.We don’t want you to buy a lemon or money pit! “Trust – but VERIFY” with a Royal RV Inspection.