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WhoShould Get An RV Inspection?

Anyone seeking to buy, sell, finance or insure an RV, or someone who would like to get a current status report of an RV that they already own.

WhatShould Be Inspected On An RV?

All the systems in the RV should be inspected, including Life Safety systems, electrical systems, water systems, exterior systems (see “What We Inspect”), propane systems, and appliance systems.  Special note should be made of items that are in Fair or Poor Condition and issues with the RV that need attention for possible repair or replacement.

WhenShould An RV Be Inspected?

Ideally, for a pre-purchase RV inspection, the RV would be inspected after an offer has been made on the RV with the sales contract (or deal) made contingent on an RV Inspection by an RV Inspector of the Buyer’s choosing.  The Buyer reserves the right to close the deal and buy, bargain with the Seller about issues found in the inspection, or to walk away.  For a Seller, their RV should be inspected before putting it on the market so that any issues found in an RV Inspection can be fixed beforehand.  Also, the Seller can offer a copy of the report to a prospective Buyer showing what a third party, professional RV Inspector found on inspecting the unit along with the repairs that have been made by the Seller to remedy the issues found.

WhyShould an RV Be Inspected?

So you’re considering buying an RV – great!  Whether you’re buying this RV to travel in or to live in, this is a major decision which usually involves thousands of hard-earned dollars.  If virtually every home sold in the USA is being inspected before being bought, would it not make sense to have an RV (a “home on wheels”) professionally inspected before being bought? Also, in the same manner, since buying an RV is a major financial decision involving thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, would it not make sense to have the RV professionally inspected to determine the current status of the many systems on the unit? The best reason may be the peace of mind the buyer will have, knowing the true status of the prospective RV and if issues were found in the inspection, the buyer should have bargaining points with the seller to either come down on the price or have the items repaired/replaced.

HowShould an RV Be Inspected?

An RV should be inspected methodically, utilizing a detailed list of categories and items, usually starting on the outside with the roof, sidewalls, front and rear caps, tires, undercarriage, engine/generator (if installed), and then moving to the inside rooms with their specific features and equipment.  Life Safety issues, Major issues and evidence of water intrusion should be priority items. Minor issues and other issues should be noted as they are found in the inspection.

Please Note: We DO NOT perform Texas DMV Vehicle Inspections for vehicle registration requirements. Also we do not perform RV inspections in inclement weather for safety reasons.


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